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The heading can be chosen from: question and answer for knowledge of female climacteric hygiene; female health inquiry handbook; female health handbook; prevention and cure handbook for climacteric syndrome; question and answer for knowledge on prevention and cure handbook for climacteric syndrome.

1. What is female climacteric state? What are the symptoms?
2. How do the ovary and estrogen levels change under female climacteric state?
3. What are the main hazards of the changes during female climacteric period?
4. At present, what are the latest medical progresses on climacteric state?
5. What are the defects with hormone replacement therapy?
6. What are the viewpoints of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) on the relationship between "renal deficiency" and climacteric syndrome?
7. What is the conclusion of modern medicine on "nature of renal deficiency" of TCM?
8. What kind of product is Feminasia capsule?
9. What about the therapeutic effect and treating mechanism of Feminasia Capsule?
10. What are the questions for women of climacteric age to pay attention to?
11. What are the main points of psychological health for women of climacteric age?
12. How to take Feminasia Capsules?

1. What is female climacteric state? What are the symptoms?

Climacteric period is a special transitional period in the lifetime of a woman, and it is a period for the female ovary functions to decline till the reproductive potency completely stops. It is publicly recognized among medical experts that, the climacteric period begins from 41 years old and will last for 15-20 years. During this transitional period, among 70-90% females, irregular menstruation will be induced because of declined ovary functions and decreased estrogen level, at the same time, a syndrome mainly displayed as functional disorder of autonomic nerve accompanying psychological symptoms will appear, and this is the climacteric syndrome. Among these women, the symptoms of approximately 10-30% females would be relatively serious. When people are stepping into an aged society and paying more and more attention on their health, the prevention and treatment of climacteric syndrome have become medical problem and social issue attracting the global attention.

According to time sequence, climacteric period can be subdivided into: (1) pre-menopause; (2) climacteric period; (3) post-menopause. The appearance of climacteric period indicates the beginning of senility. When women enter climacteric period, the ovaries will shrink gradually and the ovary function will decline, and the estrogen secreted by ovary will drop greatly. At this time, females usually have the following symptoms:

Climacteric symptoms such as hectic fever and night sweat, insomnia, restlessness and tantrum, palpitation and chest distress, general fatigue, sore waist and aching in the waist and the back, alopecie, weight increase, depression, asteatosis cutis, arthritis, dizziness and headache, hypomnesia, irregular menstruation, small menstrual blood volume, amenorrhea, decreased sexual function, hypo-sexual function, dry vagina, dyspareunia, vulva pruritus, urinary urgency and frequency, etc. In addition, it can easily cause many serious diseases such as hypertension, coronary diseases, cerebral thrombosis, diabetes mellitus, breast cancer, endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer, etc. So this period is also called as "high incidence period of serious diseases".

The climacteric period is impossible to avoid, and it is the necessary stage of every women. However, in modern times with developed science, it is possible to eliminate climacteric symptoms, protect the ovary functions, delay critique age, and postpone aging process to safely get across climacteric period. While Feminasia Capsule is a classical pure natural herbal drug product intended for this purpose.

2. How do the ovary and estrogen levels change under female climacteric state?

Changing chart of ovary size and average estrogen levels during climacteric period for women aged 30-60 years old (add later). Ovary size, from 4

3. What are the main hazards of the changes during female climacteric period?

Hazards to women themselves: From the early stage of climacteric period, women will be injured in different degrees physically and mentally, if the syndrome is not prevented and treated in time, and when the symptoms immerge, the incidence of psychological diseases will be increased, and over 90% serious diseases will appear during this period, which will threaten the physical and mental health of women, or even endanger their lives. According to the statistics from Germany Hamburg Academy of Reproductive Medicine, it takes 17.8% of the total female death by the death caused by serious diseases during climacteric diseases.

4. At present, what are the latest medical progresses on climacteric state?

Recently, it has been demonstrated in medical studies that, for the manifestations of climacteric symptoms, shrunk ovaries and decreased estrogen production in climacteric women, the low content of serum estrogen is the basic reason, while the decreased estrogen level will cause the imbalance of Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Ovary Axis, then imbalance of neurotransmitter, hormone and cytokines, etc. will be caused, as well as the immunological imbalance, i.e. the functional abnormality of Neuroendocrine-Immune Network. Therefore, low content of serum estrogen is the major reason of symptoms of climacteric syndrome. It has been observed in clinics that, the serum E2 (estrogen) level decreases in patients during climacteric period, or E2 is seriously insufficient or lacked, and it can not exert its feedback inhibition effect, the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) secreted by hypothalamus and pituitary are obviously increased, and the activity of interleukin-2 is significantly lowered, and the dysfunction of immunoregulation is induced.

Therefore, the abnormal functions of Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Ovary Axis and Neuroendocrine-Immune Network directly induce the climacteric syndrome.

5. What are the defects with hormone replacement therapy?

In current society, under the influence of factors such as vehement competition and environment changes, many middle aged women are under a stress state all day long, so it is a common phenomenon that many females enter into climacteric period too early.

The climacteric symptoms of these women are more obvious, so they usually abuse exogenous estrogen to replace the treatment of proper drugs. However, this is inadvisable, and very dangerous. Because if the content of exogenous estrogen is not proper, many serious diseases such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer, etc. will be induced more easily, damage of hepatic and renal functions will be extremely effortless, and uncomfortable symptoms such as massive vaginal bleeding, dizziness and headache, nausea and vomit, etc. can easily immerge, and the outcome is very serious! In American, the estrogen prescriptions for climacteric women are less and less.

6. What are the viewpoints of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) on the relationship between "renal deficiency" and climacteric syndrome?

Though there is no disease name of climacteric syndrome in TCM, but a great number of recordings about climacteric syndrome can be found in literatures of all ages. The modern TCM is diagnosed climacteric syndrome as "pre-postmenstrual syndromes", and several recipes with prominent efficacy are developed, their therapeutic effects on climacteric syndrome are definitely outstanding, and Feminasia Capsule is one representative drug.

TCM believes that "kidney is the origin of congenital constitution", and masters reproduction, growth and development. When renal function is gradually thriving, female menstruation onset is induced, and reproductive capacity increases; when renal functions decline, female menstruation gradually stops, and reproductive capacity declines or returns to zero. Therefore, deficit of essentia and pneuma, i.e. renal deficiency is the initial reason for the decline of menstruation and reproduction, and it is the root to cause pre-postmenstrual syndromes. That means the renal deficiency is the fundamental reason of climacteric syndrome. When renal deficiency occurs, the Yin-Yang imbalance of kidney will cause pathological changes of many organs such as heart, liver and spleen, etc., and finally climacteric syndrome is induced.

So invigorating kidney is essential to treat climacteric syndrome. Feminasia Capsule is a classic Chinese patent medicine of kidney invigorating recipes.

7. What is the conclusion of modern medicine on "nature of renal deficiency" of TCM?

From the beginning of 50s last century, applying the current latest research methods, many medical and pharmaceutical institutes at home and abroad investigated the "nature of kidney" of TCM kidney. Among all these studies, Prof. Shen Ziyin from Fudan University Shanghai Medical College was the most famous, he published several relevant monographs, and the research findings had been publicly recognized in the international world, and Shen Ziyin was elected as an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences. It has demonstrated in the results that, the "kidney" in TCM is rather a functional unit than a solid organ, it not only preside over the sex and reproduction of human being, but dominate the whole life activity of the people. And kidney is a functional representation of two feedback regulation loops, Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Ovary Axis and Neuroendocrine-Immune Network.

The above mentioned medical studies demonstrates that, it is the renal deficiency, i.e. the functional disorder of the two regulation loops of kidney nature, that causes climacteric syndrome, and it is consistent in nature with the TCM concept that renal deficiency causes climacteric syndrome. Therefore, it has modern scientific foundation to prevent and treat climacteric syndrome with TCM kidney invigorating product.

8. What kind of product is Feminasia Capsule?

The prescription of Feminasia Capsule originates from the famous old capital family of medicine, Mr. Wang, who is a chief pharmacist, a famous veteran doctor of TCM, the former commissioner of Chinese Pharmacopoeia Committee and the expert group leader of Chinese patent medicine.

It has been hundreds of years for Wang Family to apply the prescription of Feminasia Capsule to prevent and treat climacteric syndrome, the effect is very obvious, and it has a great influence.

In 80s of last century, Wang Family devoted the prescription of Feminasia Capsule to our country for free, and the State Science Commission organized a group of experts to tackle the key problems. The developed capsule passed the new drug evaluation, and it was produced in large scale later and applied extensively on women at home and abroad.

More than 10 drugs composing Feminasia Capsule are all nature plant drugs. With epimedium herb which can warmly invigorate kidney Yang, milkvetch root and radix codonopsitis which can lock Yang and invigorate the spleen to benefit Qi as the principal drugs, the capsule can reinforce the inherent deficiency on one hand and invigorate postnatal imbalance (TCM believes that kidney is origin of congenital constitution and spleen is foundation of acquired constitution) on the other hand. The drug is consistent with the pathological mechanism, and the objective is definite. Other drugs which can adjust Yin and Yang, smooth activities of Qi and direct the drugs to affected region directly are taken as the adjuvant and messenger drugs. All these drugs compose the prescription to exert the effects of invigorating kidney to strengthen Yang, reinforcing spleen to benefit Qi and calm mid to benefit intelligence. In addition, the disease is mainly caused by renal deficiency, in which kidney-essence is deficient, Yin and Yang are imbalanced. The mechanism is complicate for adjustment and invigoration of Yin and Yang, the prescription emphasizes on leading Yin by Yang, and it is the best plan to adopt kidney Yang invigorating.

9. What about the therapeutic effect and treating mechanism of Feminasia Capsule?

The application of Feminasia Capsule has a history of hundreds of years, and the developed capsule has been put into market for more than 20 years, many top domestic grade hospitals have carried out formal clinical study following random, double blind and controlled principle. It is demonstrated in the results that, the total effective rate of the product for treating climacteric syndrome is 91.33%. Feminasia Capsule has obvious effects on many symptoms before and after menopause, such as headache, sensation of wet heat (hectic fever), restlessness, tantrum, night sweat, depression, alopecie, body weight increase, asteatosis cutis, insomnia, urinary frequency, irregular menstruation, arthritis, low sexual desire, dyspareunia, etc., and it can significantly alleviate the clinical symptoms of patients with climacteric syndrome.

It is demonstrated in modern pharmacological study that, the mechanisms for Feminasia Capsule to alleviate climacteric syndrome are mainly as follows: (1) increase the weights of mice sexual organs such as uterus, ovary, etc. (2) improve the mating and reproducing capacity; (3) strengthen the exercise tolerance and hypoxia resistance of mice; (4) prolong the sleeping time of mice; (5) strengthen the learning and remembering capacity of mice in labyrinth exercise; (6) increase the blood flow of cardiac muscle and cerebral tissue of mice and lower the heart rate; (7) increase the lymphocytes of immunity inhibited mice and promote the production of antibody; (8) it is found in the clinical study that, it can promote to improve the E2 level in climacteric patients, and the E2 level exceeds that of normal climacteric women, and the levels of FSH, LH are decreased.

The above mentioned mechanism indicated that, Feminasia Capsule correct the functional disorders by adjusting the functional disorders of the two feedback loops, Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Ovary Axis and Neuroendocrine-Immune Network, and the objective of the drug is definite and it hits the mark, so it has good therapeutic effects on climacteric syndrome.

Popularly speaking, the drug provides ovary with enough nutrients, protects the ovary function, postpone the ovary shrinking, promote ovary to secret estrogen, in this way, the estrogen will be enough to meet the body's demand, and there is no need to supplement.

10. What are the questions for women of climacteric age to pay attention to?

The immerging symptoms of climacteric syndrome are not only affected by physiological changes, but it also has a close relationship with diets. If women do not pay attention to diets, the critique age will come sooner, and symptoms of climacteric symptoms will be aggravated. The diets during climacteric period should be chosen according to the combination of reasonable diet and calorie allocation.

If the intake between 20-29 years old is taken as the standard, 5% would be reduced between 40-49 years old, 10% would be reduced between 50-59 years old. Sweet food, carbohydrates should be restricted, fat should be eaten less, which will be favorable to prevent and treat diabetes, hepatic adipose infiltration, obesity and hyperlipemia, etc.

Take more proteins, such as meat, fish, egg, fresh milk, and milk products, as well as herbal proteins such as peanut, bean products, etc., and it will be favorable to prevent and treat osteoporosis, lower serum cholesterol, prevent coronary disease and stroke, etc.

Appendix: 1. Food suitable to females during climacteric period:

(1) Food containing rich vitamins, such as tomatoes, cauliflower, green leaf vegetables, melons and fruits.
(2) Food containing rich iron, calcium, lactic acids, such as Chinese jujube, milk, and acidophilous milk, etc.
(3) Food containing abundant fibers, proteins and unsaturated fatty acid, such as bean products, lean meat, vegetable oil (sunflower seed oil, sesame oil).

Appendix 2. Food unsuitable to females during climacteric period:

(1) Animal fat, such as animal oil, speck, etc.
(2) Food contains high cholesterol, such as animal internal organs, yolk, squid, etc.
(3) High calorie food, such as chocolate, snack fried meat, etc.
(4) Stimulating food, such as cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, etc.
(5) Raw and cold food, such as ice cream, ice cream bar, etc.

11. What are the main points of psychological health for women of climacteric age?

Women during climacteric period should get down to mental stress, they should adopt self-adjusting measures. For the heavy mental stress will certainly cause physical and mental diseases, and then damage health. When confronting stress, women during climacteric period can adopt the following self adjusting measures:

(1) Reinforce adaptive capacity. Try to adjust your self, change "I will change environment" to "I will adapt environment".
(2) Pay attention to adjust your mood. When your feel relaxed and happy, no disease will immerge. So you should try to treat psychic conflict, be optimistic and broad-minded, make your mind peaceful.
(3) Be good at getting free from distress. Be resigned when you meet something bad, get yourself free from distress and soothe your self.
(4) Set up a good relationship. Keep good relationship with your family, relatives and friends, and treat them sincerely and heart to heart.
(5) Remember "three kinds of happiness" all the time. Find joy in one's own way, happiness lies in contentment, and find pleasure in helping others.
(6) Pay attention to mental health. Sexual function is an instinct of human, and sexual interest should be maintained during climacteric period, and sexual capacity should be properly improved. Normal sexual life is an effective prescription to remove many mental and physical diseases during climacteric period. It is not right to think that the decreased sexual function or loss of sexual capacity is the normal physiological change during climacteric period.

12. How to take Feminasia Capsules?

Feminasia Capsule is a pure natural herbal drug with no hormone, animal extract, antiseptics, artificial color, etc., so it is safe to be taken and the effects can be guaranteed.

A month or a menstrual cycle is a treatment course, generally one treatment course will alleviate most of the climacteric symptoms, for example, it can improve sleeping and vigor; after administration for two treatment course, the climacteric symptoms can be eliminated basically.

When continuously take the drug for three treatment courses, it can adjust functional imbalances of two feedback paths such as Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Ovary Axis and Neuroendocrine-Immune Network, nourish ovary and postpone its shrinking, recover the ovary function, promote the ovary secret estrogen normally, thus to properly postpone critique age, at the same time, it can make women feel younger, with clear mind, comfortable breath and strengthened sexual desire, etc.

A secret for women to maintain youthful

Ovary is the "youth power" for females, and it is the "headspring" of female charm, and the estrogen, lutin secreted by ovary maintain normal menstruation for women, and menstruation is the indicator of female youth and vitality, moreover, it is the symbol of normal ovary functions. But headspring does not mean true incessant spring, if it is exploited for long time without supplement, the "headspring" will be dried and set off, the ovary will be aged and shrunken, the ovary functions will be greatly reduced. For middle aged women more than 40 years old, ovary function is obviously reduced, and they will not only be tortured by the symptoms of climacteric period, but also become old at a rate quicker than normal speed. Ovary function is the requisite for women to maintain youthful and normal menstruation.

It is demonstrated in medical study that, prolonging menstruation is prolonging youth and lifespan!

Pure natural plant drug Feminasia Capsule can directly supply enough nutrients to ovary, maintain the ovary function, postpone the ovary shrinking, and promote the ovary to secret estrogen. In this way, self-sufficiency of estrogen can be realized, and the estrogen is enough to recover the ovary function with no need to supplement exogenous estrogen. So the drug is not only applied by Asian women in large scale, but also becomes a best choice for most western women who want to resume youth and charm.

Eliminate symptoms during climacteric period.
Nourish ovary and protect the ovary functions.
Postpone critique age.
Improve sexual capacity for women.
Make you feel younger.

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